語源:Latain inimicus=enemy+ity(名詞を作る語尾)→Old French ennemi


Obama's efforts toward the new health care reform incurred bitter enmity of the Conservatives.
The enmity between Japan and Korea seems to dissolve rapidly in the recent cultural exchanges.
The murder developed an unreasonable enmity toward the lawyer who had been in charge of his divorce mediation. So he stabbed the lawyer with the blade.

hate 憎悪を表す最も一般的な言葉
love and hate
hatred 個人的な怨みや憎悪を表すことが多い
Hatred is worse than murder.
hostility 団体などが共通に抱く憎悪にも使い、しばしば積極的に好戦的な態度をとる場合がある
the hostility between the two racial groups
antagonism 理念や考えなどを相互に反目する状態
the antagonism between the Church and the Copernican theory
animosity hostilityを強くした、強い執念や憎悪を表す
a deep-seated animosity against an opponent
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